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These are my originals articles, essays, and series on a variety of topics.

Big Troubles in Tech! One Thing Missing at Facebook, Google, and Many Others

Corporate Tech and many Bay Area companies are getting called out in the headlines.

There’s one thing they’re all missing…

America Is, America Ain’t (Full, Unfinished)

Let’s we the people solve issues without politics in the way by upholding our common values as Americans, objectively.

(Full Series to Date, Unabridged)

Make America Real, Finally.

America Is, America Ain’t: Chapter 6

Welcome to the Jungle

America Is, America Ain’t: Chapter 5

Left and Right Perpetuate the Stalemate

America Is, America Ain’t: Chapter 4

The Violent Delights with Violent Ends

America Is, America Ain’t: Chapter 3

Polarizing Our Passion Issues

America Is, America Ain’t: Chapter 2

America Is, America Ain’t

Series Opener! Let’s we the people uphold common American values to make progress in spite of politics

What “Door Opener”​ Means to Me

I am self described as one, here’s why…

Getting it Right with the First-Name-Basis Means Saying “Sir”​ or “Ma’am”​ Sometimes Too… but When?

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”​ – Maya Angelou