Through the Lens

What’s the deal with this site?

I’ve always liked to write.

Once upon a time I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I also once wanted to be a comic book pencilist… and work with Stan Lee.

A few years ago I discovered that Stan Lee and I are both inductees into the Bronze Order of Mercury.

Life is funny like that. Ain’t it?

I care about people and (in real life) people generally appreciate my points of view and insights on all kinds of problems. I like solving problems, and people have told me I’m a great storyteller.

They’ve also told me I’m long winded. Lol.

Anyways, I started tapping back into my creativity and writing in 2019 and published my first pieces on LinkedIn, after years of using my skills for “work only,” more or less.

Taking my voice public for the good of others has been part of a reawakening and renaissance for me at this time in my life.

My life?

I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1980. I call myself part of the “MTV Generation.”

I moved to Flint in 3rd grade and left for Army basic training three days after my 18th birthday. I served 18 years in the Army and lived all over the world in that time. Since my service ended in 2016 I’ve lived in Denver and Petaluma, California.

I’ve (nearly) raised three children. I’ve been married a couple times. I’ve been a single dad over a decade in my life. I’ve been an executive, I’ve been a redleg, and I’ve been the IT guy. I’ve made friends in high places and low everywhere I’ve been, and haven’t been a total prick to too many people yet. Lol.

I’ve seen some extraordinary sides of life and death in my travels on this earth and have learned alot about alot in my unfailing nature to be a space monkey, crash test dummy, wild man with a penis, scholar, athlete, and a total dumbass with no regard for his own safety taking hard roads head on… and a door opener all along the way.

This site isn’t about me, it’s about LIVING.

The one thing we all have in common is we are alive.

My hope with this site is to bridge the gaps within any audience I might host, and give everyone a little nourishing food for thought to help make sense of this crazy world in some way they might not have seen before…

…and to get my own peace of mind too, of course.

As such, the kinds of things I’ve wanted to write about are crossing the boundaries of what seems to be customary on most social media… or any media these days, unfortunately.

There’s so much that goes on day to day that no one talks about, but that is at the crux of so many of our human machinations.

Let’s bring it all out in the light, and see how it holds up within the full spectrum.

Thanks for your thoughts and time!

au4504 (Josh)

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