Welcome to the Jungle

There’s alot of lies, denials, and false information out there, in the jungles of media, driving the wailing and gnashing of teeth and fanning the flames of truths of people’s lives that will not be suppressed against the bad shit they see happening in their personal experiences…

… and the unstoppable forces and the immovable objects are either gonna fight or fuck sooner or later.

Don’t you see it happening too?

Well, today there’s so much shit I wanna write about deeply that I couldn’t pick a single topic.

Over the last few days I’ve started several pieces that were triggered by seeing opposing sets of headlines and their conflicting opinions abounding between friends, family, and among people who would otherwise be colleagues on a whole host of different hot button issues… and it’s all totally fuct.

Parties are tearing our country apart for self preservation as a priority above the kind of values that should work for us all, as Americans.

I say fuck Trump and I’m pissed that the Democrats didn’t have the balls to feel the Bern, so to speak. Biden ain’t a game changer. I hope he don’t lose, cause he might, yet at the same time I don’t like settling for him at all. At least he’s not Hillary, I suppose.

Last election I might have gone Republican had they nominated someone else… and I’m from Michigan (originally) and have always leaned Democrat before then.

For the record, I didn’t vote in the last election at all.

Next Chapter:

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