Left and Right Perpetuate the Stalemate

In our current two party system the progress being slow going is self serving for both sides. It gives them all careers and job security. Why would they want more fair competition? If there’s a “monopoly” in our country it’s our electoral college, in a way.

That is, there’s systemic barriers that stifle the rise of more parties and greater selection for Presidency which is against the interests of Americans. How come at least 10 other Democrats (out of the 20 or so we saw debate) can’t/don’t also run in the at large race, in addition to Biden? How come 10 other Republicans aren’t running too against Trump?

Why do the President and VP come together? Why don’t we pair the two candidates the with highest votes, regardless of party? I have to work with people I don’t like all the time… In America, don’t we all? Our politicians’ work isn’t so hard that they can’t partner wholeheartedly. Lead by example, bitches.

I’d get fired for acting the way with coworkers that politicians do to each other at work, or in dereliction of their duties, sometimes… toxic to the team, and all that, yet they get away with it. Why? They’re not put upon. They are spoiled much better than you and I in their work perks. I never saw federal officials on “Dirty Jobs.” Just sayin. No slack.

Why do we as Americans only get to choose between two candidates that have gotten any significant national media for President in the actual race? Doesn’t pass the common sense test to me. Our system needs to be re-calibrated.

Our system has been set toward sustaining itself, rather than advancing our American institution as if its life depended on it.

We have not made progress in the last 8-16 years as a nation (at least!) on so much basic shit because of our two party system. I’d say the two-party faultiness is clearly evidenced by the persistent problems it’s never solved in our history.

Regulate businesses and the economy? Social injustice? Tech? Poverty? Equality? Homelessness? Problems in the military and in foreign relations? Drugs? Health care? Prisons? Hate? Infrastructure? Terrorism in America? School shootings? Fucking clean water in Flint, Michigan? Bad corporate behavior and rampant white collar crime? Human trafficking and modern day slavery?

Seems like government has been “busy” not ever getting shit done because they are too invested in playing fuck fuck games party against party, to me. Pretty obvious. Can I get back the taxes I paid this last decade? Why is there no guarantee to voters that the people we vote for will carry out our will?

We should be able to warranty trade in substandard reps much easier, they work for us.

What I see happening right now between people is that there’s a million different things going on to be addressed in all different directions, in everyone’s lives. People lead more intersectional lives than either party is willing to satisfy, and there’s a wide spectrum of interests heating up the American melting pot to a fast boil.

Everyone is being made aware, constantly, that the right or the left is trying to take something away from them… and it’s all true, depending on your perspective.

Most people have to trade off some value or another of theirs when choosing a political party. Why? Why should any of us have to trade off our values in who gets our vote? We shouldn’t.

We can have democracy that more holistically represents intersectionalities in our majorities on different issues much better with political power split in more than two halves. It’s really basic, but the irony is that our parties would have to act against self interest to help see to something so bold.

Aren’t they there to serve us?

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