The Violent Delights with Violent Ends

Shit is intense. It IS real life. Our political machines and all the hoopla their oodles of money generates in buzz and (dare I say it?) propaganda media seeking our allegiance at all costs is fucking exhausting… and all around us shit is popping off right now while we’re looking at this screen.

There’s all kinds of violence with all kinds of agendas behind it happening right now, somewhere in America, and politicians and the media are cashing in on the unrest at the expense of the American dreams of 99% of us, economically. So much of the violence is paid for by our taxes, inflicted back on the people, by our government servants in one way or another…

… and then we pay for cleanup of the unrest out of our pockets and taxes too. Is that irony?

In any case, it’s fucked up to pay taxes towards a system that uses them against our common interests and values with such imbalance and indifference… and on politicians who collect their checks, but collectively get us unsatisfactory results for our spend on them.

How much money in your life have you personally paid in taxes? Have you ever gotten an itemized receipt? How much dollar value of the taxes you personally have paid do you think has gone to fund the war on drugs? How much has gone towards your local schools, or to federal education programs? Any idea?

How much of your tax went to tea for government dinners? I seem to remember some kinda thing about Americans having a problem with tea tax before…

Every year of my 18 in the Army I got a statement from the government telling me what I was worth that year, as a direct labor cost. Every Solider gets a statement of benefits annually explaining that (using made up numbers for example) while they may have only been paid $30K gross that year, they should feel like they made $45K, or something, because of the cost value of all their benefits.

Well, if all (~330 Million) Americans paid an equal share of that example, collectively we each paid $0.000136 for that one Soldier to cover their basic compensation and benefits that tax year.

I wonder how much of the taxes I’ve paid went back into my own gross check in the Army over 18 years. Less than a cent, for sure. I wonder how much I’ve spent on taxes has gone to the war on drugs, and how much has gone to my kids teachers.

At this point I’d like to move my investment off the war on drugs and over to teachers, starting next check.

Why can’t we all do that as simply as changing our paycheck withholdings for dependents on any given day? As a nation have we tried to set that up? No… not that I know of. But we could.

Our democracy is inflicting a double tax on us when it charges us to get set back as a nation in its outputs, or to make barely any progress at all, at best, given all the money individual Americans put into it. We pay more on interest as a nation annually right now than we do on education. Did you know that?

There’s more interests with their hands in our taxes now than ever before, and they are not interested in our rights with anywhere near the gusto that they are our constituency, patronage, and/or followership. Detroit got milked bankrupt my bad government decisions, I hope you realize politicians could be steering America there too.

Things are going to escalate significantly in the next 6 months in our country. It’ll get worse, but it WILL get better, don’t worry. Although if you don’t have your seatbelt on yet strap in, cause 2020 ain’t slowing down, and we gotta make it, baby, even if we make it home with only one headlight.

If there’s gonna be another civil war it’s going to be because political parties and media have driven the public to fight out the two party system to determine a winner. There’s not gonna be a civil war though.

If America breaks out into real internal war it’ll be more like a coup or some type of chaotic “revolution” where we go from a two party system to something like 10, representing values more dialed into regional majorities of populations, that will offset voting stalemates on divisive issues.

However, spoiler alert, we aren’t gonna see anything like real civil war or the like so long as the government now doesn’t drive it. Well, not in the next 6 months anyways. What we might see is enough grassroots change at local levels that it might add up to bigger changes over the next several years, spurned by the will of people in separate places all at once across our country.

But as we already know, violence to assert our way of life is very much American across the political spectrum. There will be violence in the absence of progress for certain, but perhaps little delight.

For certain it is worth violence for the ends of truly upholding American freedom in our nation for all if we cannot depend our politicians to bring us that delight.

Next Chapter:

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