Polarizing Our Passion Issues

Facts can hurt feelings, but feelings don’t hurt facts.

Thing is, industrial press these days has clearly shifted into a pillar prioritized for influencing the public as its purpose more so than properly informing it foremost. There’s an insidious and ever growing amount of loud contrarians whose only real purpose is to try and blur lines and distract away from change, or any of the issues that are important to someone else from them, including to you, and me.

They get paid a whole lot to gum up the works too. Part of their goal is to confuse us, so that we’ll believe their story as “the truth.”

Be vigilant, people, in the facts you deduce from media these days… don’t you confuse what you believe as fact to be someone else’s feelings, or opinion.

It’s amazing how media and our politicians shrouds the facts between the feelings so often and calls it news and government while shoving their customers and investors down our throats… and pitting peoples’ views against each other for the sake of market share (aka “votes”).

We’ve gotta stop lapping it up like doggies and living with our tails between our legs, hyper-fearful of our world and other people. We’ve got to break through the mass gaslighting on our screens.

It’s like being strapped into a clockwork orange on media and social media these days, where every comment, like, thought, feeling, and decision is under attack as a line drawn against the future of America according to one person or another.

Next Chapter:

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