America Is, America Ain’t


Life’s a bitch, and then you die. You’ve heard that before, right?

Well, I wholeheartedly disagree with that mantra. I’d say life’s more of a mother fucker. Haha! Who’s your daddy? Lol. Life is, that’s who.

That’s just an icebreaker, but if you’re still reading perhaps that joke made a lot of sense to you. The American dream for our nation has been living in a nightmare.

Are you, like me, disgusted by the dividing nature of information coming at us, 24/7, trying to force political alignment against our individual morals and ways of life at every turn? The overwhelming majority of Americans are unhappy with the status quo of life in our country and the direction they worry so many things could go from the cross roads in history we are all feeling today.

In my life, it seems that every conversation about any problem needing action in the USA today comes back to a partisan argument about political parties rather than what’s is objectively “right” and “wrong” on the merits of issues from the fundamental purest “American” ideological perspective, even among people with the same points of view.

Opposing points of view these days get real vicious in political partisanship, even when the perspectives on the issues aren’t that far off.

I’d say it’s a fact, at this point, that our politicians have collectively steered us far away from what is “American” in many of the norms we’ve allowed to manifest in our societal culture today.

We have wavered from what is American by endorsement of politicians who have not upheld it in our systems, but rather have suffocated it slowly to near death now, over the course of our country’s history.

Our political parties paint a picture where we as Americans must fit what we want into only one of two neat packages at the voting booths…

…but the issues in America are more complex than that. Let’s we, the people, solve the issues by looking at them without politics in the way through the lens of our common values, as Americans, logically and objectively.

America Is, America Ain’t

Philosophical versions of America are like assholes. There’s at least 330 million of them in 50 states, it seems. Well, after first unpacking facets of the party-and-media-centric dysfunction that are in the way, this series will bring food for thought on issues of today based on the way America is supposed to be in my book, without regard to parties.

The guiding principles and values of my America are pretty simple. All men are created equal. All individual Americans have inalienable constitutional rights, and entitlement within them to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

“America” as an entity is truly just the sum of our public institutions, which exist only to embody the rights of “We the people” in real life sustainably. Again, America is our rights, built into institutions by law.

Our local, state, and federal governments exists only to serve the collective needs of our societies of peoples, and to administer justice on behalf of the people with checks and balances on power to ensure that the laws of the land put into practice do not infringe our constitutional ideals and rights as free individuals.

Officials in government, elected by the people, are expected to see to the will of the majority who elected them, but never in such a way that conflicts with their duties of office as a servant against imposing requirements on people that are ideologically unAmerican or unconstitutional.

This is why they take an oath.

America wants America to live the real American dream, in a way it’s never achieved. This country needs major overhaul to ever be America, and the time is NOW for us to chart the course on issues first, and then lift our voices to make sure the politicians serve OUR needs above their parties.

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