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CoronAmerica and the Karenist Horde

Started writing this in July 2020, got sidetracked, and decided to push it out raw and kinda unfinished because I love some of the content so much.

(7) BLUFs: Whiter Shades of Pale

– Race and blind spots
– Living monuments for America
– Take guns from the crazies
– What’s a respectable white?
– Privileged?
– Spoiled?
– Despicable?

(5) BLUFs: How to Make a G.O.A.T. a Scapegoat

– Reddit is a dope
– Trump is bating
– BLM used for profit
– Facebook the Scapegoat
– Don’t shame wanna be allies

(1) BLUF: Your Free Speech Offends Me

Facebook is being extorted under veiled virtues signaling against Free Speech.. not being driven by the Users

America Is, America Ain’t

Series Opener! Let’s we the people uphold common American values to make progress in spite of politics

(4) BLUFs: Juneteenth Special

– Petition against the KKK
– DoD not down with confederacy
– Divorcing the monuments
– LGBTQ hits a mean curve!

(4) BLUFs: Reach Out and Touch Someone

– Calling out Diversity and Inclusion
– California shaking down Americans
– The U.N. responds to George Floyd
– SF Karen Gets Wake Up Call

(3) BLUFs: Where’s All the Hot Dudes At?

– Buffalo PD go the Way of the Buffalo
– Tulsa & the Rona Vs. Trump
– Cops Quitting Across the Country

What new role do artists serve in the current civil rights movement compared to those of the last one?

Artists are more important now than ever.

Reflections of Rona

How is the Rona shaping our world?