(3) BLUFs: Where’s All the Hot Dudes At?

In other words: has anyone seen “A Few Good Men?” Get it? Yuck, yuck. It’s a movie.

We can handle the truth… so who ordered the “code red” and who carried out unlawful orders?

That movie’s lesson? BOTH are wrong and must be held accountable. We’ve gotta drive that home for the government, police, and military these days. For real, unfortunately.

#1 BLUF: Fuck ’em. Let them go the way of the Buffalo!

If you’ve never had your skull cracked, it sucks. I got a skull fracture from a fall once when I was in the Army. It was really whack, and I didn’t bleed out of my head like the elderly man in the clip above either… just a little out of the ears. Mine caused me some permanent damage, his looks much worse. Watch the clip. What the fuck.

If police can’t acknowledge the problem, they’re part of the problem. ACCOUNTABILITY. It’s not hard. “Orders to clear the square” and cracking skulls of defenseless elderly shouldn’t mean the same thing to any cop. Police, you are accountable for the orders you follow. If it ain’t right, don’t do it.

The BIGGEST problem here is the lack of any concern for rendering aid. He’s bleeding out of his head and, here’s a riddle:

How many first aid trained servant protectors does it take to try and help an injured old man?

None of these fucks stopped. Fire the lot of them, start fresh. There’s clearly a culture problem in the Buffalo PD. Send em out to police buffalo on the prairie. Since they can’t handle the truth, that’s where they belong. Let’s get a few (57) good men instead for the PD.

#2 BLUF: Haha! Duh, but nice try. Trump don’t give a fuck about you, Tulsa.

When I saw the headline this morning that the suit was filed, I knew Trump was showing up regardless of what the courts said… but I expected more of a legal battle than this. I hope to see an appeal, and I’d love this to go to the supreme court… this suit is IMPORTANT, and shouldn’t be underappreciated.

Blanket SIP orders (and quarantines) from the government (including curfews) on individuals is unconstitutional without some probable cause and burden of proof on the government that the individual actually IS a threat to others (in this case, the rona demic, meaning carrying and contagious).

Our governments are also out of line ordering businesses to shutdown at all unless they have broken some specific regulatory requirement that has under gone our checks and balances.

I stand by my conviction that thru this pandemic the government’s role is to provide support, information, recommendations, and aid, for our communities facing the threat but that ultimately people who are not infected and/or contagious have the right to decide what they do or not, and cannot be ordered to SIP…

…and if people are willing to come out, businesses should have agency to serve customers so long as they give proper effort to uphold reasonable safety precautions.

Now, all that said, I want to see more legal scrutiny on our SIP orders and the legal limits, so this legal friction hopefully could build towards that. Also, this is just another example of Trump being a huge hypocrite, and I hope the people of Tulsa and the rest of America can see that.

People of Tulsa, I want you to know one of my sons was born at Fort Sill, and that I met my second ex wife in Lawton. I’ve got extended kin of a sort in Tulsa and I bought my home stereo system there. I miss the fireworks I could buy in Oklahoma for Fourth of July, the ones in California suck…

… as your friend, I hope you know better than to go to that Trump rally with the rona goin on still. If he really cared about your health I just think with all that money he has he could reschedule or figure out a way to do it without putting you at risk, that’s all.

He really doesn’t care about you and if you’re going to his rally it should be to protest. That’s my recommendation.

#3 BLUF: It’s better to live for a cause than die for one, ya’ll.

Here’s what’s GOOD about what seems to be happening, is that cops are now calling for action on many of the issues that the people want addressed too… and quitting for legitimate frustrations facing police today which we should ALL care about.

If going through the pain of re-building is what it takes from the ground up, so be it. But, ultimately, we need good cops.

I support:

  • the cops quitting because they don’t want to follow unlawful orders
  • the cops quitting because they don’t want to be asked to do things that they aren’t trained or equipped to do
  • the cops quitting because they believe change is needed regarding what is expected of police in America
  • cops quitting because they are underpaid
  • cops quitting because of not getting opportunities to advance or education opportunities
  • cops quitting because they’re tired of unions protecting cops with bad conduct
  • cops quitting because their department has a toxic culture and bad cops that aren’t held accountable for it.

I hope EVERY cop feeling that way quits… or boycotts… or joins with BLM… or starts a blue movement to have these things addressed. I want all these things addressed too.

If we’re all pissed about the same stuff perhaps we can actually get some shit done through our government to codify change and put it into practice. Just sayin. Blue, you’re citizens too, help affect change for the better, my friends.

Now, if you’re a cop and you quit for one of these reasons I want you to know that I’d rather have you stay and help be an agent for change from within so we can all see these things change… but if you can’t I’m not mad at cha at all.

I support the Black Lives Matter movement because it’s about goddamn time we make some progress in this country and become the America we’ve always claimed to be, and I am all for the partnership with police who want to be part of the solutions, not the problems. Yer my boy, Blue.

No, we SHOULD NOT abolish police. We SHOULD change the laws in the country we expect police to enforce, and change our systems to more properly uphold justice. We should be able, as a nation, to spend MUCH LESS in law enforcement, police militarization, and imprisonment and MUCH MORE in our people, education, health care, tech, and infrastructure.

We are crippling our society with prisons because we’ve got stupid laws that uphold racial and economic injustice. If cops quitting helps us fix it, that’s great, but my hope is the best ones hang in there and raise the standards by example, that’s all.

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