Category: BLUF

(7) BLUFs: Whiter Shades of Pale

– Race and blind spots
– Living monuments for America
– Take guns from the crazies
– What’s a respectable white?
– Privileged?
– Spoiled?
– Despicable?

(5) BLUFs: How to Make a G.O.A.T. a Scapegoat

– Reddit is a dope
– Trump is bating
– BLM used for profit
– Facebook the Scapegoat
– Don’t shame wanna be allies

(1) BLUF: Your Free Speech Offends Me

Facebook is being extorted under veiled virtues signaling against Free Speech.. not being driven by the Users

(4) BLUFs: Juneteenth Special

– Petition against the KKK
– DoD not down with confederacy
– Divorcing the monuments
– LGBTQ hits a mean curve!

(4) BLUFs: Reach Out and Touch Someone

– Calling out Diversity and Inclusion
– California shaking down Americans
– The U.N. responds to George Floyd
– SF Karen Gets Wake Up Call

(3) BLUFs: Where’s All the Hot Dudes At?

– Buffalo PD go the Way of the Buffalo
– Tulsa & the Rona Vs. Trump
– Cops Quitting Across the Country