Make America Real, Finally.

It’s easy to get all pissed off about the candidates (some more than others) cyclically ever 4 years, and to complain about our stifled progress all along the way. However, the erosion of America isn’t the result of any one candidate at all.

The cognitive dissonance of what we’ve come to accept in America is because our political machine is a habitual line stepper, and it hasn’t been working to police itself to be a better value for America at all. The system is what produces the limited options we get to choose, unnecessarily.

Well, the whole system needs an overhaul, quite frankly. It’s a cesspool on all sides as is, but the point of all this ain’t about that. No.

This is about the America we should be now and forward, not about any politician or party individually.

Tonight as I looked over the battlefield of comments and headlines and posts coming across my screen, and watched all the viciousness unfolding before me, the blood and tears online, feeling the indignation, contemplating what to address among so many fucking arguments in a way that could bridge gaps on any issues at all…

… what was clear is that too many people and our government have lost sight of what America is supposed to be, and particularly so now because of partisanship, even in the face of obvious moral and constitutional absolutes.

So, please, for a moment, let’s hang out for a sec and talk about some basics that could help make us America that lives up to the hype by looking at issues and ideas without any regard to political parties.

Let’s focus on how to make America free and equal like the country it’s claimed to be, in real ways we have never achieved. It’s time to envision and manifest America with a modern day mindset open to possibilities unconstrained by our political systems “as-is”, yet truly rooted in our constitutional ideals, in word and spirit.

Let’s make America real, finally.

Next Chapter: Coming Soon!

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