Big Troubles in Tech! One Thing Missing at Facebook, Google, and Many Others

Right now giants like Facebook, Google, and many other companies around the Bay Area are catching well deserved backlash for conflicts between their systems and people.

Many companies’ values on the wall aren’t matching their culture in actual practice, to say the least.

Some of the stories are sickening!

Toxic leadership is too rampant in corporate America today.

How did we get here?

Too many executive “leaders” aren’t acting ethically

nor with any basic common sense.

EVERYONE KNOWS corporate hiring systems and talent management processes these days are broken & outdated mechanisms that serve to weed out difference and bring homogeneous types to a predetermined mold.

That’s what they do.

There’s not a talent shortage, there’s systemic problems.

Hiring systems miss outliers and diversity in background even for exceptional talent… because they are based on a limited perspective of the pool, a flawed one.

Did you know?

Facebook and Google both limit people from even applying to open roles regardless of qualifications.

Policies like theirs limit access to opportunity.

You gotta know the right people, somehow.

That’s the way it is, and that’s the way it’s been.

The organizational landscapes are ripe for change…

…but the systems aren’t.

What’s the one thing they’re all missing???


I thought about how to be the change I want to see in the corporate world…

…and decided to run this through Facebook Ads throughout the Bay Area…

Maybe it’ll reach the right people, maybe it won’t.

Companies out here need more proven leaders that won’t take nor abide shortcuts on culture, values, and ethics. Leaders who get results and treat ALL people right in the course of doing business, like me. Leadership and management are disciplines.

For over 20 years I’ve earned accolades embodying hard to find all-around-Leadership and providing expert management across the globe right in the face of complex challenge.

Know a company that needs skilled leadership whose principles don’t waiver?

This ad could be YOUR company’s opportunity. I’m the real deal.

Here’s my resume:

Roles that interest me and align best are: CEO, COO, CIO, GM, Chief of Staff, VP/Director, PM, or highly empowered & autonomous Manager/Senior Manager roles.

I have a wide range of interests and expertise. Let’s chat.

I’m someone you want leading, developing, and managing managers, responsible for large scopes of work, people, setting standards, and making business decisions.

Oakland / SF minimum comp is $150K+

South of SF down to Mountain View minimum comp $165K+

North Bay, I am open to less than Oakland / SF.

Lowered comp requirements possible for Non-profit leadership opportunities that seriously interest me and/or remote or mostly remotes roles too.

Questions? Interest?

You can find me on the Facebook Wall (by the Elevator Room *High Voltage*)

Let’s chat! Send me a Calendly request if you like, I don’t bite.

Feel Free to Share, check out my blog, or find me on LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re doing well. Have a great day!

Here’s a few funnies as a cool bonus for a laugh:

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